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Crypto’s Leading Creator-Focused Launchpad & Community Fund

After presale completed, $iFANS will be listed on Pancakeswap at a price of 0.00444444 BNB up to 5.33x the presale price


$iFANS provides creators with a safe
and effective platform for creator-focused crypto projects

The Presale Problem: Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs, come with a myriad of
unnecessary risks for both developers and investors. With new tokens
popping up constantly, it can be impossible for investors to sort out the gems
from the rest and for legitimate developers to stand out from the pack.

Creatives looking to launch a new project face the daunting tasks of constructing
a fair presale offering, attracting investors that will support their vision, and then
providing liquidity for their token. Investors acting alone must sort through a
crowded landscape of projects and create their own metrics for evaluating presales.

  • On-chain voting will become a part of the decision making process on new and future offerings, giving control back to the community
  • A Curated Environment gives access to new projects assembled by creatives for creators in the crypto space
  • Participate to receive Incentives such as rewards, airdrops and alerts on new projects

About $iFANS Token

Rallying support for creators in the crypto space

The $iFANS Solution:

In the spirit of decentralization, $iFANS provides an ecosystem that empowers a community of token-holders to help ensure a fair launch of new creative and creator-focused projects in the crypto space. Creatives have the opportunity to submit their projects to the $iFANS community for a chance to be reviewed and subsequently chosen to be the next community funded project.

Shareholders enjoy many benefits including:


Core Team Identified
Token Creation
Lite Paper v1.1
Launch iFANStoken.com
Seed Funding Round 1


PR Campaign Launch
$iFANS Token Presale
IDO for DEX Listing
Liquidity Pools for DEXs
Yield Farming for
Liquidity Mining


$iFANS Profile Avatars
Submit Your Project
Bridge to $ETH Mainnet
Launchpad Goes LIVE!
Launch Yield Farming
and Staking


Mintable NFT Avatars
Cross-Platform Rewards
Major Partnership
Major Exchange Listing


$iFANS Marketplace Creators
NFT Collection
New DeFi Partnerships



Rewards &


Name: $iFANS
Network: BEP-20
Contract: 0xfd20d6e58dd9fc19a2fed3640dd63f166fa3bd09
Total Supply: 10,000,000
New Token emissions: Unavailable
Bonus system: Yes

Private Sale: October 12th, 2021
Public Sale: TBA
Know Your Customer (KYC): No

Purchase method: $BNB
Presale Starting Price: $0.00083333 BNB
Listing Price: Listing Price: 0.00444444 (Up to 5.33x Profit)
Min/Max Personal Cap: 0.025 BNB / 250 BNB
Whitelist: No

Kenneth C. Moncur

Founder & CEO

Ronrick Simms

Partner, Technical Analyst

Jason Min

CTO & Blockchain Engineer

Umair Tariq

Design Lead

Ronald Manely

Blockchain Advisor

Mike Khlebas

Data Analytics

Ceri Howell

Logistics, Business Advisor

David Espinosa

DeFi Partnership Advisor


iFanstoken.com is designed from the ground up to serve the creative community. We want artists, communicators, educators, actors, singers, developers, writers, and all manner of creatives that understand, operate on, and love blockchain, to know that a safe-haven exists for them in the crypto space. Someone is thinking of them. We recognize the hard work and dedication it takes to bring a product to market, to complete a project and monetize it and to bet every bit of your savings on yourself, and your art.

We support you.

iFanstoken.com is building a community fund with an altruistic vision, dedicated to creating crowd-funding opportunities that benefit creatives, and creator-focused projects. Simply put, we believe that a strong community functioning around empowering creative minds and their work, will produce high value.

Utility, utility, utility.

Use the $iFANS in your wallet to exercise your right to vote as a token holding member of the community, on a variety of variables, including but not limited to, choosing which juicy new projects are made available for crowd funding, staking on the platform to both earn yield and steady the price, as well as participating in on-going promotions and events that benefit creatives and creators alike.

Thanks to partnership, the utility of $iFANS will grow as the platform grows. I’ve heard, that you can even gain access to private areas with $iFANS token…

Simply? Yes.

With complexity, iFanstoken.com is building a launchpad at heart, with a DAO at its soul. New projects can feel confident that there is a secure protocol in the creative space dedicated to providing crowd-funding services for the greater creative crypto area. Investors can earn rewards by participating in various events, as well as staking their token on protocol.

Expect farm partnerships, airdrops and notifications on new, potentially profitable projects all within the creative, or creator-focused space!

All participants of the platform have the unique opportunity to gain access to our private coin community, Adult Swim.

All an investor needs to do to participate, is to hold more than a specific amount of tokens, and verify their wallet to gain access. All we can say, is what happens in adult swim, stays in adult swim.

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